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Astounding acoustic guitar cover of Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”

To paraphrase one YouTube commenter, innovative acoustic guitar maestro Luca Stricagnoli is the only guy permitted to play a Zeppelin song at Guitar Center. Don’t miss his manipulation of the tuning pegs during the song.

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A Scheme of Heaven is a deep investigation of astrology from a scientist’s perspective

Fun book review at BoingBoing: We humans are castaways on an ocean of uncertainty. Since the beginnings of history, our ancestors sought knowledge and understanding about their lives, their relationship with the cosmos, and perhaps take a peek into their … Continue reading

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American Conspiracy Theories 2020

Excellent! –cPaul America Has Always Been A Nation Of Conspiracy Theories — But It’s Worse Than Ever JENNIFER WRIGHT |  Refinery29 As I write this, a pandemic has cost America over a hundred thousand lives, people are protesting in the … Continue reading

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