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Vote the Common Good

As the distance for the 2020 US Presidental Election shortens, and the back-and-forth bickering suggests “civil war” more than “civil discourse”, here’s a USA -based Christian political group that makes sense to me as an outsider. While the usual rhetoric … Continue reading

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“The Holy or the Broken”: The story behind Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”

This was going to be the expression of an indignant rant several years in the making, but instead, it’s going to be an admission that I was wrong. Several years ago, while serving as the Music Director at a Montreal … Continue reading

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Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights

“Hanukkah has broad human significance as a festival of liberty and religious freedom, not just for us, but for all people. It is a humanistic festival par excellence. The symbol of Hanukkah is light and the real miracle is that … Continue reading

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Open Door Moves on as St. Stephen’s Church Closes

St. Stephen’s Westmount, and its community was a pillar of my life for many years. We were a family of imperfect folks from all walks of life in an imperfect building that had stood for generations on the intersection of … Continue reading

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Vicar of Baghdad invites ISIS to dinner.

Canon Andrew White: ‘Vicar of Baghdad’ on leading a church in Iraq and being in the crosshairs of Isis Canon Andrew White has a remarkable faith in human nature, but in the face of so much cruelty, even he believes a line … Continue reading

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Happy Easter!

This Easter weekend, I am reminded of the indelible evidence of God’s love for all of us — His fragile creatures — and the promise, and joy-in-fact of Grace, renewal, and redemption. This is evident to me in what may … Continue reading

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Remembering a visit to Konya, back in 1998 — a beautiful ancient city in central Turkey, known as the spiritual home and center of Sufi mysticism. Once known as Iconium, Konya is historically and religiously significant on several counts: it … Continue reading

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Is there A God? To Believe Or Not To Believe

Is there a God? To believe or not to believe May 31st 2007 From The Economist print edition A writer who believes in science not God; a scientist who believes in both. But why are they that way? Nobody knows … Continue reading

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God on earth, God among us!

 God on earth, God among us! Posted* Sun Dec 25th, 2005

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Bolting out of Church Buildings

An interesting CBC interview with the editors of Geez magazine – one of the guys used to work at Adbusters, and now using culture jamming to get people to rethink spirituality. (Thanks, Richard!) Check out Posted Tue Aug 29th, … Continue reading

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