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Vote the Common Good

As the distance for the 2020 US Presidental Election shortens, and the back-and-forth bickering suggests “civil war” more than “civil discourse”, here’s a USA -based Christian political group that makes sense to me as an outsider. While the usual rhetoric … Continue reading

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Here’s what could be lost if Trump bombs Iran’s cultural treasures

Yes, there’s a lot wrong with the track of the Iran government’s hard-line policies, especially those related to Israel. However, the American powers that be seem to believe it’s time to take the “civil” out of western-civilization. Folks, the international … Continue reading

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Is Trumpism a Cult?

Has Trumpism become a cult? A new book by Sean Illing, a former cult member, makes the case. Sean Illing of VOX recently had a conversation with Steve Hassan. The question almost feels like a provocation. And yet more and … Continue reading

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A Gangster In The Whitehouse

I was trying to avoid the depressing vortex of American politics during the Holidays. However, came across this article by David Frum in the Atlantic that is worth a read.

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Nothing Less Than a Civil War

“Great American Pizza & Subs, on a highway about 100 miles southeast of Las Vegas, was busier and Trumpier than usual. On any given day it serves “M.A.G.A. Subs” and “Liberty Bell Lasagna.” The “Second Amendment” pizza comes “loaded” with … Continue reading

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The Cult of Trump

I came across a disturbing image of US President Trump portrayed as Christ upon the Cross. what the heck is going on down there? GQ wrote about the phenomenon in 2016 The Cult of Trump: A Leading Cult Expert … Continue reading

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Media Bias Fact-Checking

A useful tool for filtering the news:

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Opinion: Why I Avoid Charitable Giving at the big store checkout

By all means, we should all exercise charitable giving and give as generously as we can! However, please think twice about forking over that 1 or 2 dollars when asked while checking out at a big box store… Who is … Continue reading

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Tom Waits releases anti-fascist folk ballad

“Bella Ciao (Goodbye Beautiful)” by Marc Ribot (feat. Tom Waits) from the album ‘Songs Of Resistance 1942 – 2018

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How to Cut off Arguments Before they Start

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