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Maine May Soon Legalise Viking-Style Funerals So You Can Go Out In A Blaze Of Glory

A proposed bill by a determined funeral services company could make this happen in the Northeastern state. Read the rest here:

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Crosby, Stills, and Nash Detail ‘Deja Vu’ 50th Anniversary Reissue

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young will release a 50th-anniversary edition of Deja Vu on May 14. The box set will include the original LP, as well as four CDs of demos, unreleased studio recordings, and alternate versions of songs for a total of nearly two … Continue reading

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The St. Valentine of Valentine’s Day never existed

Tristin Hopper | National Post We all know the origin of Valentine’s Day: Some guy named Valentine was working illegally as a priest – an illicit priest, if you will – he was secretly marrying people against the wishes of … Continue reading

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RIP: Tony Rice (1951-2020)

Tom Cole | NPR Tony Rice could seemingly do it all: sing, compose, play spot-on rhythm. But it was his guitar solos that just astounded audiences and fellow musicians alike. He was idolized by bluegrass and acoustic music fans in … Continue reading

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So, Do Ya Have Any Plans for After November 2nd?

In Canada, a Lotto 649 ticket holder has an approximately .000071428 % chance of winning the big draw prize. 2018 VP₁ is an Apollo near-Earth asteroid roughly 2 meters in diameter. It has a 0.41% chance of impacting Earth on … Continue reading

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Is Something Missing?

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An imperfect TV icon reexamined.

The mad, sad, totally fab life of Paul Lynde by James Hibberd | Entertainment Weekly “I’ll take Paul Lynde.” Not so very long ago, a lifetime ago, those words took Americans somewhere wicked. In the ’70s, if that sentence was … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Brian Howe (1953-2020)

The Guardian Brian Howe, the singer who fronted the British rock supergroup Bad Company for eight years, has died aged 66. He had a heart attack at his Florida home. Howe’s manager Paul Easton said: “It is with deep and … Continue reading

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Beverly Cleary turns 104 today!

Happy 104th Birthday, Beverly Cleary! “The Mouse and the Motorcycle” changed my life. – cPaul A video interview with Beverly Cleary at Reading Rockets

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Documentary About the Members of Monty Python’s Flying Circus Before It Existed

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USB Chargers Have as Much Processing Power as the Apollo 11 Guidance Computers

Andrew Liszewski | Gizmodo | February 11, 2020 It comes as no surprise that the guidance computers aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft were impossibly primitive compared to the pocket computers we all carry around 50 years later. But on his website, … Continue reading

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Ravi Shankar, Sitarist, Dead at 92

NYT | January 23rd, 2020 Ravi Shankar, the sitar virtuoso and composer who died on Tuesday at 92, created a passion among Western audiences for the rhythmically vital, melodically flowing ragas of classical Indian music — a fascination that had … Continue reading

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RIP Terry Jones

Terry Jones, Monty Python Founder, Is Dead at 77 H0ping these guys are reunited and laughing themselves sick.

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Elizabeth Wurtzel, the author of ‘Prozac Nation,’ has died at 52

Wurtzel was best known for her deeply confessional memoirs By EJ DICKSON @ Rolling Stone Elizabeth Wurtzel — the author of the best-selling memoir Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America — died in a New York City hospital on Tuesday, according to the New … Continue reading

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