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US Administration is ready to back the rights of consumers to repair what they own

President Joe Biden is reportedly gearing up to issue an executive order compelling the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to draft new “right to repair” rules — a set of regulations that will protect consumers’ ability to repair their equipment on their own and at … Continue reading

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ISS Ditches 2.9-Ton Pallet of Batteries, Creating Its Most Massive Piece of Space Trash

George Dvorsky | Gizmodo The external pallet packed with old nickel-hydrogen batteries, photographed shortly after being released by the Canadarm2 robotic arm. The object was orbiting 265 miles (427 km) above Chile when this photo was taken from the ISS.Image: NASA … Continue reading

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What could possibly go wrong?

The quadrupedal robots secured the perimeter of a base during a recent test of the USAF’s Advanced Battle Management System.  Brett Tingley & Tyler Rogoway | They look like they were cast straight from an episode of Black Mirror, and eventually, … Continue reading

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The record-breaking jet which still haunts Canada

A decade after the end of World War Two, Canada built a jet that pushed technology to its limits. But its demise showed why smaller nations found it difficult to compete in the Jet Age. In the early years of … Continue reading

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Disrupting death: Could we really live forever in digital form?

Virtual reality, robots, chatbots and holograms could allow us to exist perpetually. Whether we should choose the option is a different story. Alison DeNisco Rayome | c/Net In 2016, Jang Ji-sung’s young daughter Nayeon passed away from a blood-related disease. … Continue reading

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Watch this robotic sheepdog manage a flock

I, for one, will welcome our robotic overlords… – cPaul

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What happens when the internet vanishes?

Governments and enemies alike know the power of the “off switch” for silencing opposition and fomenting unrest. How vulnerable are we, individually and collectively? – cPaul By Joe Tidy & Becky Dale | 25 February 2020 | BBC News As … Continue reading

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USB Chargers Have as Much Processing Power as the Apollo 11 Guidance Computers

Andrew Liszewski | Gizmodo | February 11, 2020 It comes as no surprise that the guidance computers aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft were impossibly primitive compared to the pocket computers we all carry around 50 years later. But on his website, … Continue reading

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Nations dawdle on agreeing rules to control ‘killer robots’ in future wars

by Nita Bhalla NAIROBI, Jan 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Countries are rapidly developing “killer robots” – machines with artificial intelligence (AI) that independently kill – but are moving at a snail’s pace on agreeing global rules over their use … Continue reading

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Who’s Calling from Deep Space? Canadian Experiment Seeks Answers

Thanks to Canadian telescope, scientists are closer to solving one of astronomy’s biggest mysteries Researchers using a powerful new Canadian telescope have detected six fast radio bursts from the same spot in the sky — a rare ‘repeater’ Sarah Kaplan: … Continue reading

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A Better Way to Build Breakwaters

European Patent Office Spanish engineers Antonio Corredor Molguero and Carlos Fermín Menéndez invented a revolutionary mould for concrete blocks that protect harbours against storms. Vote & win:

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D-Wave Just Open-Sourced Quantum Computing!

 New open-source quantum software tool enables developers to tackle real world problems Burnaby, BC – January 11, 2017 D-Wave Systems Inc., the leader in the development and delivery of quantum computing systems and software, has released an open-source, quantum software … Continue reading

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Redefining the Second

Researchers have created this atomic clock using the atoms of the element ytterbium at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Boulder, Colorado. They say it could be the most precise method of measuring time in the world   … Continue reading

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Smell the Action: Cineplex to launch 4D technology

Johnny LaRue did it on SCTV in the 80’s! – Paul David Friend, The Canadian Press Published Tuesday, April 12, 2016 4:53PM EDT Cineplex is launching an even pricier night at the movies this summer with so-called 4D technology, which … Continue reading

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