Last Hurrah of Fall Colour shots

I am posting the last (for now!) of the images captured at the peak of colour this Fall. Love this! Looks amazing blown up to 36″ wide!!

Near Rawdon, QC – October 2021

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Autumn colour perspectives (2)

Sometimes I need to spin things around to see the exact same thing from a different perspective. 🙂

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Portfolio refresh

I hope everyone will enjoy a fresh perspective on the years of my photography (film from 1975-2012, and digital from 2000-present). Please feel free to share, and let me know what you think…

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Mid-October Sunset – Lac Saint-Louis

Spectacular sunset sky on Lac Saint Louis this evening… Phenomenal light and colours, that changed by the minutes — until the sun was set, leaving a momentary scarlet-red sliver.

Sunset over Beaconsfield, QC – 19-Oct-21

Just to say (again) that I don’t always capture images with my camera — I often capture memories with my eyes. In some ways, they last longer!

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More Fall shots!

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Scientists Detect Radio Signals From Galaxy’s Center, Have No Clue What It Is

“It seems different to all types of astronomical objects we know, it may be a new type of object,” said the study’s lead author.

Scientists have discovered a new cluster of unknown radio waves emanating from our galaxy’s center. According to scientists, the signals don’t line up with any known space object.

As detailed in a new paper published on Tuesday in the American Astronomical Society,  researchers from the University of Sydney located a light formation at the center of the Milky Way six times between January and September of 2020. Each time it was a different size, polarized every time, meaning it is rotating in a corkscrew pattern at a constant rate. All of this points to the possibility that this is a new class of object in space, such as a new type of star. 


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Walk in Morgan Arboretum

Shot 11-Oct-21

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Fall Colours

Shot between Rawdon and St. Jerome, Quebec.

These images and more can be viewed on my photography page.

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Shot west of Rigaud, Quebec today!

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Photos at dusk!

Shot in L’Île Perrot, Quebec


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Lunch hour walk near the office

Shots while on a brief walk exploring the Baie D’Urfe Industrial Park today.


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Photos after work!

Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec


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Photos after work!

Baie D’Urfe – Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec


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On the water!

It’s going to be a beautiful Fall day here in the southwest corner of Québec… 12-19 knot westerlies, and clear skies until mid-afternoon. Should I sail first, or go shooting leaves? Hmm… these things are not mutually exclusive; I can capture from the water!

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