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Father: "He never amounted to anything". Mother: "Who the hell does he think he is"? Former Teacher: "Smart as a bag of hammers". Former Boss: "Condescending". Brother: "Mom loves me more".

New Photograph Series – “Winter Oceans”

Here are two images from my upcoming Winter Oceans series. I hope to be posting the full collection to my portfolio soon. – cPaul

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From the 35mm vault

While sifting through photographs today, I came across this previously overlooked image taken during a walk through Morgan Arboretum in early December of 1993. I was living down-home in St. John’s, Newfoundland during those years, and would try to get … Continue reading

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The St. Valentine of Valentine’s Day never existed

Tristin Hopper | National Post We all know the origin of Valentine’s Day: Some guy named Valentine was working illegally as a priest – an illicit priest, if you will – he was secretly marrying people against the wishes of … Continue reading

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The Curtain is Falling on Conservative Talk-Radio

Confession: I often listen to Conservative Talk-Radio. It’s a guilty pleasure that I picked up while frequently traveling for work in the Southern USA. My trips would involve long days and many miles in rental cars, clocking miles to the … Continue reading

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New Series: Windows and Walls of Québec

Here is a sample of a new Print Series that I am working on…

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Find the Place You Love. Then Move There.

If where you live isn’t truly your home, and you have the resources to make a change, it could do wonders for your happiness. Arthur C. Brooks | The Atlantic Several years ago, I was sitting on a flight to … Continue reading

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RIP: Tony Rice (1951-2020)

Tom Cole | NPR Tony Rice could seemingly do it all: sing, compose, play spot-on rhythm. But it was his guitar solos that just astounded audiences and fellow musicians alike. He was idolized by bluegrass and acoustic music fans in … Continue reading

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Alexa, Hypnotize Me

Hypnosis, now going virtual, is gaining more acceptance from doctors, researchers and entrepreneurs. But potential patients remain skeptical. Betsy Morris | The Wall Street Journal Kelley Cutler was deeply skeptical when she took part in a month-long pilot test of … Continue reading

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When QAnon Came to Canada

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Project Northmoor

Establishing the First Centre in the World, Dedicated to all Things J.R.R. Tolkien There is no centre devoted to Tolkien studies anywhere in the world – a remarkable fact considering the writer’s importance and continuing popularity. Purchasing Tolkien’s former home … Continue reading

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Trump has Changed the way Evangelical Christians Think About the Apocalypse

Thomas Lecaque | Published in Greenwich Time In Emily St. John Mandel’s novel “Station Eleven,” survivors of an apocalyptic pandemic do their best to rebuild their lives in northern Michigan. Some of them build an apocalyptic cult premised on the … Continue reading

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Man and dog: Ancient genetics study reveals complex history

Much of the diversity seen in modern dog populations was already present around the time the last Ice Age had ended 11,000 years ago, a global study of ancient DNA revealed Thursday. The paper, published in Science, showed how our … Continue reading

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How to Talk About Mental Illness in a New Relationship

Elizabeth Yuko | Lifehacker Dating can be tricky for anyone, but for those living with mental illness things can get a little more complicated. Putting aside how having an anxiety disorder makes the whole process much harder—you’re deliberately introducing new … Continue reading

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C. Paul Carter Photography – New Limited Print Available

New limited print: “If Wishes Were Fishes” “In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, we should probably endeavor to seek out light wherever it exists — even if it is on the darker side. Light is light! – cPaul

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