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I just read on CNBC’s website that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, hits the $1 trillion-dollar market cap for today. I think that few of us truly understand how obscene this amount of money is. Here are some interesting facts: Spending … Continue reading

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Cognitive Biases

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Lukas Nelson: You Were Always On My Mind

If you haven’t heard Lukas sing before, you’re in for a treat. He has his own unique voice and talent, but it’s hard not to hear a little echo of his father while he sings his dad’s beloved classic tune. … Continue reading

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Vote the Common Good

As the distance for the 2020 US Presidental Election shortens, and the back-and-forth bickering suggests “civil war” more than “civil discourse”, here’s a USA -based Christian political group that makes sense to me as an outsider. While the usual rhetoric … Continue reading

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Evidence that huge 2-mile wide meteorite smashed into Earth only 800,000 years ago.

Might as well have been yesterday, in geological terms… – Paul Published 30/12/19 in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America) A field of black glassy blobs, strewn across about 20% of Earth’s … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky Interview at TruthOut: “The USA is a Rogue State“

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C. Paul Carter – Photography

My portfolio can be found here: I’ve been interested in photography since 1975 when I borrowed a friend’s Ricoh and a couple of lenses for a time. Black & White film was available from my High School, and I … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Wurtzel, the author of ‘Prozac Nation,’ has died at 52

Wurtzel was best known for her deeply confessional memoirs By EJ DICKSON @ Rolling Stone Elizabeth Wurtzel — the author of the best-selling memoir Prozac Nation: Young and Depressed in America — died in a New York City hospital on Tuesday, according to the New … Continue reading

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The New Deal was partly motivated by a desire to kill the fake news epidemic of the Gilded Age

by  CORY DOCTOROW at Boing Boing / 6:15 AM TUE JAN 7, 2020 100 years ago, wealthy people bought up newspapers as fast as they could, then used them to smear progressive reformers, inventing lies (“Congressmen don’t pay taxes!”) to discredit the entire … Continue reading

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A GoPro spinning at 1800rpm looks like it’s entering a wormhole into another universe

Photography – January 6, 2020 by John Aldred  It’s difficult to come up with original GoPro footage these days. Everything’s just been done. But this is something I haven’t seen before. YouTuber Mr. Michal secured what looks like a GoPro Hero 7 Silver one into his … Continue reading

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