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Which Superstitions Are Based on Facts?

by Daniel Kolitz | Gizmodo Superstitions—passed down through generations, or developed spontaneously on certain online forums—gobble up thousands of productive hours yearly. But it would be wrong to say that all that time spent avoiding ladders or cracks in the … Continue reading

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What Makes Dogs So Special? Science Says Love

When I studied Animal Psychology at University a thousand years ago (ok… 40), the last expert word on animal empathy was that it did not exist, other than through our anthropomorphization of our animal friends. Those who have lived with … Continue reading

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What Would Joseph Campbell Think?

I love this… I am often thinking about Joseph Cambell and his brilliant view on modern life and the human condition through the lens of mankind’s myths and mythology. – cPaul From BILLMOYERS.COM: A Facebook member responded to our recent post Bill Moyers … Continue reading

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Students often struggle after a mental health crisis. Can this support system help?

The BRYT program, which was founded and pioneered in a Boston-area school in 2004 by the nonprofit Brookline Center for Community Mental Health, has emerged as a successful model for helping kids re-enter school after a mental health crisis.  – … Continue reading

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A Personal Story of Living Through Depression

by John Folk-Williams | John Folk-Williams has lived with major depressive disorder since boyhood and finally achieved full recovery just a few years ago. As a survivor of this devastating illness, he has learned first-hand how it can interfere … Continue reading

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Depression Recovery Stories

Heads Up Guys ( has created a fantastic resource full of health strategies for managing and preventing depression. This includes “self-check” info, mental health “what to do now” resources, and support information for friends and other loved ones. Particularly salient … Continue reading

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Harry’s (no relation…) Story of Overcoming Severe Depression

Many of us can relate…. cPaul From Harry’s story: overcoming severe depression Sitting at my desk as I try to start this story, I’m struggling to decide where to begin and I can feel it coming on. Shivers up … Continue reading

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Does the Increase in Public Awareness and Education About Mental Illness in Canada Change Stigma?

While I’m pleased to see any positive focus on public awareness and education around the topic of mental illness, I wonder about the real effect that Bell Media’s “Let’s Talk” awareness campaign has on reducing stigma where the proverbial “rubber … Continue reading

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How To Survive a Panic Attack Also: Can You Die From a Panic Attack?

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Cognitive Biases

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