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We’re Probably in a Simulation.

How Much Should That Worry Us? Farhad Manjoo | NYT Imagine that when your great-grandparents were teenagers, they got their hands on a groundbreaking new gadget, the world’s first fully immersive virtual-reality entertainment system. These weren’t those silly goggles you … Continue reading

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100 Myths of Home

100 short tales of life on the island of Newfoundland, Whimsical, magical, all that and a bag of chips. Two-minute reads.

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Pets and Owners – Double Exposure Photography (Excellent!)

Among all the photos of pets and selfies with them flooding the internet, Bored Panda presents you the only timeless portrait you’ll ever need. Los Angeles pet photographer Danielle Spires has developed her unique style by using stylized backdrops full … Continue reading

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20-Ingredient vs. 10-Ingredient vs. 2-Ingredient Chocolate Cake • Tasty

Follow Alvin as he makes 3 different chocolate cakes at home, ranging from 20 to 2 ingredients. Culinary science! – cPaul 20-Ingredient Cake:… 2-Ingredient Cake:… Follow Alvin on Instagram:

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11 Cognitive Biases That Influence Political Outcomes

Marcus Lu | Visual Capitalist Read the full article here: From the Visual Capitalist “about” page: Making the world’s information more accessible. Every day a staggering 2.5 exabytes of data is generated making our world increasingly difficult to understand.  Visual … Continue reading

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Happy Left-handed Day!

Happy Left-Handed Day to my fellow lefties! International Left-Handers Day is an international day observed annually on August 13 to celebrate sinistrality and raise awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of being left-handed in a predominantly right-handed world. It celebrates … Continue reading

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21 Cool Websites to Look at When Bored

@ Lifewire I’ve been a fan of Laughing Squid, Mental Floss, and Ted — well, forever. Here’s links to these and others over at Lifewire. – cPaul

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What happens when the internet vanishes?

Governments and enemies alike know the power of the “off switch” for silencing opposition and fomenting unrest. How vulnerable are we, individually and collectively? – cPaul By Joe Tidy & Becky Dale | 25 February 2020 | BBC News As … Continue reading

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The Man Who Invented “Fake News”

Tom Johnson | Medium If there is a single person who can claim to be the father of modern fake news, it was a 19th Century traveling salesman from Louisville, Kentucky, named Joseph Mulhatten. For 20 years, he spiked American … Continue reading

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The Institute of Official Cheer

It’s been forever since I last perused the pages, nay, plumbed the profundity of James Lileks website, The Institute of Official Cheer. Check it out:

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How to fight lies, tricks, and chaos online

Excellent article by Adi Robertson posted on FIRSTHAND SOURCES Even if you don’t trust a particular outlet, you can often use their reporting to work back to primary sources, which you can use to fact-check what the outlet is … Continue reading

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Mostly Worth a Look-See

If you’re curious about what the cool folks are browsing these days, here’s a list of websites that I visit from time-to-time: MEL Magazine“Because there is no playbook for how to be a guy.” MEL is a lifestyle and culture … Continue reading

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Media Bias Fact-Checking

A useful tool for filtering the news:

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What Is Fake News?

I like to kid around, and I do post idiotic nonsense, sometimes with reckless abandon. In doing so, I assume that my “friends” understand that I am much more than the sum of my posts, as I keep in mind … Continue reading

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