What Is Fake News?

I like to kid around, and I do post idiotic nonsense, sometimes with reckless abandon. In doing so, I assume that my “friends” understand that I am much more than the sum of my posts, as I keep in mind that they are more than the sum of their own.
We all sense that something has been changing in the world, and for some folks, this is unsettling. For others, this comes as relief. Communication is a great thing, and everyone should have a voice on issues that matter to them. However, and for various reasons, the cacophony of hubris seems to be rising. The finger pointing and arm flapping (with the requisite amount of righteous indignation) starts to aim a little too close to home.
Don’t we all have the responsibility to dig a bit deeper into the issues of these times, and make up our own minds about what is right, wrong, or a distraction?
But I’m not telling you what to do…!

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Father: "He never amounted to anything". Mother: "Who the hell does he think he is"? Former Teacher: "Smart as a bag of hammers". Former Boss: "Condescending". Brother: "Mom loves me more".
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