America Needs a New Chant!

America Needs a New Chant to Replace “We’re #1,” But “We’re #28 and Dropping Fast” Won’t Cut It!

I enjoy the articles posted over at The Smirking Chimp and have been a fan since the Bush 43 Administration. (Jeff Tiedrich’s Tweets are comedic things of beauty!). This missive by David Cattanach is no exception.

Watching the slow burn decline of America, and it’s standing in the world community, has been devastatingly sad. – cPaul

The latest Social Progress Index for 2020, finds of 163 countries assessed worldwide, the United States, Brazil and Hungary are the only ones in social progress worse than when the index began in 2011, and the declines in Brazil’s and Hungary’s social progress data were smaller than America’s.” The United States ranks #28 overall and moving in the wrong direction.

The index, created by Nobel-winning economists, assesses fifty metrics of well-being, nutrition, safety, freedom, the environment, health, education and many more, to measure quality of life. Norway comes out on top in the 2020 edition, followed by Denmark, Finland and New Zealand. South Sudan is at the bottom, with Chad, Central African Republic and Eritrea just behind.” The data for the latest index predates Covid-19, which has had a disproportionate impact on the United States and seems likely to exacerbate the slide in America’s standing. One new study suggests that in the United States, symptoms of depression have risen threefold since the pandemic began — and poor mental health is associated with other risk factors for well-being.

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