Vote the Common Good

As the distance for the 2020 US Presidental Election shortens, and the back-and-forth bickering suggests “civil war” more than “civil discourse”, here’s a USA -based Christian political group that makes sense to me as an outsider.

While the usual rhetoric from Christian Trump supporters seems to be about the sanctity of the 2nd Amendment and keeping “people that don’t look like them” out of their county, Vote the Common Good preaches the importance of the 2nd Commandment and Social Justice. I’ll be watching with interest. – Paul

Vote the Common Good: “Inspiring, energizing, and mobilizing people of faith to make the common good their voting criteria and to pursue faith, hope, & love for a change on election day 2020 and prevent the re-election of Donald Trump.”

Check out Vote the Common Good

Meanwhile, over at The Hill: “Evangelicals are no longer a sure bet for Trump”

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