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Could America split up?

Damon Linker | The Week All week I’ve been haunted by a brief few seconds of video posted on Twitter late Sunday night by a student journalist in Eugene, Oregon. Two men face off at a protest — the one … Continue reading

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Why Is Bob Ross Still So Popular?

“Every day’s a good day when you paint.”  —Bob Ross (1942–1995) Staring at the empty canvas on the easel in front of me, I couldn’t understand how this—nothing—might somehow transform into even a rough approximation of the Bob Ross painting we were … Continue reading

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A Clue to Van Gogh’s Final Days Is Found in His Last Painting

AMSTERDAM — One hundred and thirty years ago, Vincent van Gogh awoke in his room at an inn in Auvers-sur-Oise, France, and went out, as he usually did, with a canvas to paint. That night, he returned to the inn … Continue reading

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21 Cool Websites to Look at When Bored

@ Lifewire I’ve been a fan of Laughing Squid, Mental Floss, and Ted — well, forever. Here’s links to these and others over at Lifewire. – cPaul

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This simple explainer tackles the complexity of quantum computing

This will change everything! Today’s computers use bits—a stream of electrical or optical pulses representing 1s or 0s. Everything from your tweets and e-mails to your iTunes songs and YouTube videos are essentially long strings of these binary digits. Quantum computers, on the … Continue reading

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How Stupid Are Dogs, Really?

1982: Flashback to Dr. Henrich Bauer’s Animal Psychology class at Concordia (Loyola Campus). We are lectured that anthropomorphizing dogs is wrong under any circumstance and that true empathy is not possible in animals other than humans. Blah, blah, blah. He … Continue reading

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The Emptiness and Inertia of ‘Having Conversations’

Alex V Green | Jezebel According to the New York Times’s Kathleen Kingsbury, we are living in a period of political division. In June, the newspaper published an op-ed by Tom Cotton, sparking weeks of debate over the politics and practices of mainstream … Continue reading

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Split societies, global chaos and World War Three: Heading into the most tumultuous era in modern history

Artyom Lukin | As we cross into the second half of 2020, there is little hope left that our misfortunes will end when this annus horribilis goes out. We may be entering one of the most cataclysmic and fateful … Continue reading

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Astrophysicists unveil biggest-ever 3D map of Universe

Space Daily Astrophysicists on Monday published the largest-ever 3D map of the Universe, the result of an analysis of more than four million galaxies and ultra-bright, energy-packed quasars. The efforts of hundreds of scientists from around 30 institutions worldwide have … Continue reading

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How the American Idiot Made America Unlivable

America is a Poor Country Now, in Ways that are Likely to be Permanent Article by Umair Haque @ Eudaimonia&Co. (Oh dear…) – cPaul New Zealand declared victory over Coronavirus yesterday. “Team New Zealand,” as Kiwis refer to themselves, celebrated having … Continue reading

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Will America’s Alliances Survive the Trump Era?

BY SAM WINTER-LEVY, NIKITA LALWANI | FOREIGN POLICY A new book advances a robust defense of the U.S. system of alliances. A post-pandemic world requires adaptation and renewed coordination against common threats. In Sept. 19, 1796, George Washington’s Farewell Address appeared in … Continue reading

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4 mysterious objects spotted in deep space are unlike anything ever seen

Mara Johnson-Groh | LiveScience There’s something unusual lurking out in the depths of space: Astronomers have discovered four faint objects that at radio wavelengths are highly circular and brighter along their edges. And they’re unlike any class of astronomical object … Continue reading

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The Role of Cognitive Dissonance During the Pandemic

The minute we make any decision—I think COVID-19 is serious; no, I’m sure it is a hoax—we begin to justify the wisdom of our choice and find reasons to dismiss the alternative. Elliot Aronson and Carol Tavris | The Atlantic … Continue reading

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Is Something Missing?

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