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How To Ruin TV Animation In Seven Easy Lessons

Apparently it’s not just me.  Today’s Saturday morning cartoons suck.   By Jeff Harris | I’ve been watching cartoons for over twenty years now. The period that began fifteen years ago is universally referred to as a “renaissance” in … Continue reading

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I hated the Airport  movies, but loved Airplane!   Who can forget the hero’s “drinking problem”? NPR – All Things Considered The parody movie Airplane!, a source of favorite comedic bits that are still recalled in conversations today, is marking its … Continue reading

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Two Words: Dog Judo   Posted Tue Jul 5th, 2005

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Dancing Paul

From the guy who gave the world Build Your Own Band, andSpinART ™, comes Dancing Paul (no relation).   Posted Fri Jun 17th, 2005

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Pac-Man chomps up milestone

(AP) — For a video game, Pac-Man is getting downright old. The ghost-wary hero with an insatiable appetite for dots turns 25 this month. From the early 1980s “Pac-Mania” to today’s endless sequels and rip-offs, the original master of maze … Continue reading

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The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

OK, all I can say is “wow!!”. Just saw the trailer to the upcoming (December 2005) Chronicles of Narnia.     Posted Sun Jun 12th, 2005

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Howl’s Moving Castle

I have got to see this ASAP!  The trailer looks amazing, and by visuals alone – this promises to be the best animated feature in some time! Based on Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Howl’s Moving Castle follows … Continue reading

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the Jihad to Destroy Barney

The Earth is under attack. The demon lord B’harne, servant of the malevolent alien High Magus of Lyra, has commenced his assault on the human race. Under the benevolent guise of the children’s television host Barney the Dinosaur, B’harne seeks … Continue reading

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PlayStations of the Cross

by JONATHAN DEE | NY Times magazine, May 1, 2005 The Rev. Ralph Bagley is on a very 21st-century sort of mission: introducing the word of God into what he calls the ”dark Satanic arena” of the video-game business. But … Continue reading

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America’s Next Top Monk

Fox Network has rolled out a new reality TV show, “America’s Next Top Monk” that pits humble, celibate men against each other in a battle to win coveted titles. According a Fox Network spokesman, “Ten monks, who have been chosen … Continue reading

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Spring Has Sprung!

I have green on the brain. check out: Cine Gael Montreal, the 2005 Irish Film Festival Posted Mon Mar 21st, 2005

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Doctor Who

Oh man, I am sooo excited! Doctor Who is the world’s longest-running science-fiction television program, having originally aired on the BBC in the United Kingdom from 1963 to 1989, spawning a movie revival in 1996, and soon to return to … Continue reading

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Air Jesus 

I find this article by Max Blumenthal to be interesting on many levels.  While it is not written from my point of view (which is Biblically Orthodox and Evangelical — and yes, I find the article to be offensive), it … Continue reading

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Hopping Mad

I’m still upset about Chuck Jones’ makeover of Bugs Bunny in the early 60’s,  which made him look like Tom from the “Tom and Jerry” cartoons of the same era (also produced by Jones).  Fritz Freleng produced the quintessential Bugs, … Continue reading

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