A Project Long Overdue

I know that absolutely no one reads my blog, so it’s safe to post about a happy milestone this evening. I finally finished some artwork that I had “promised” more than 20 years ago. It is a surprise, so, “shhh!”

“Roger’s Atlantic Salmon” – 2022. – 34″ x 26″
Hahanemühle Photo Rag Ultra Smooth Mat, 305 GSM cotton paper

Originally, I had intended to do this in a familiar style of mine, which is a super fine point pen, ink, and watercolour pencils. After many false (and frustrating) starts over the years, this piece came together relatively quickly recently; Maybe 12-20 hours of work. The inspiration came from my restoration of old photographs. I realized that I had spent countless hundreds of hours mastering image editing software, and had been literally digitally painting over old photographs in order to make something interesting out of them.

I am super thrilled with how this turned out!

For more of my new artwork, please click the Bad Art tab on the NewFish header.


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