From the 35mm vault

While sifting through photographs today, I came across this previously overlooked image taken during a walk through Morgan Arboretum in early December of 1993. I was living down-home in St. John’s, Newfoundland during those years, and would try to get to Montreal to see friends and immediate family as often as I could — when work and travel requirements allowed. Showing up in the middle of the week is not conducive to connecting with friends (just as well, for my outgoing introverted- self), so I’d sort myself out on revisiting familiar places.

The Morgan Arboretum is a jewel of a forest reserve I frequented while attending John Abbott College from 1976-78, and it holds particularly fond memories of long walks in the Fall, and skiing in the Winter.

I remember pretty clearly this particular late-afternoon when I started out on the trail. The light was low and long. The ground was starting to freeze, and puddles were freezing over, capturing the last colour of fallen leaves. I had my Pentax Spotmatic with me, and a few rolls of something or other… I don’t recall, but likely ASA 800 given the noise in this image.

I have re- rediscovered the Arboretum recently and did a series in the early Fall of this year. The photos were good, but not as evocative as this one, at least for me. The softness of the photo enhances the solitude of the moment. I remember that I had only seen others leaving the forest as I entered, and assumed that I had the whole place to myself for the hours I was there, chasing the light. – cPaul

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