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France’s female dervish takes transcendence online

One of the world’s few female whirling dervishes, Rana Gorgani has opened up Sufism to a wider audience and is now making surprising spiritual connections over Zoom thanks to the pandemic. French-Iranian Gorgani, 37, used to think of whirling — … Continue reading

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New Photograph Series – “Winter Oceans”

Here are two images from my upcoming Winter Oceans series. I hope to be posting the full collection to my portfolio soon. – cPaul

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From the 35mm vault

While sifting through photographs today, I came across this previously overlooked image taken during a walk through Morgan Arboretum in early December of 1993. I was living down-home in St. John’s, Newfoundland during those years, and would try to get … Continue reading

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The St. Valentine of Valentine’s Day never existed

Tristin Hopper | National Post We all know the origin of Valentine’s Day: Some guy named Valentine was working illegally as a priest – an illicit priest, if you will – he was secretly marrying people against the wishes of … Continue reading

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The Strangeness of Our Animal Bonds

Ben Crair | The New Yorker Last spring, I started boiling two eggs for breakfast every morning—one for me, and one for the crows. A mated pair patrolled the rooftops around my Berlin apartment building; I’d begun luring them to … Continue reading

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The Curtain is Falling on Conservative Talk-Radio

Confession: I often listen to Conservative Talk-Radio. It’s a guilty pleasure that I picked up while frequently traveling for work in the Southern USA. My trips would involve long days and many miles in rental cars, clocking miles to the … Continue reading

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New Series: Windows and Walls of Québec

Here is a sample of a new Print Series that I am working on…

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