From the 35mm Negative Archives

When you’ve been shooting film for 30+ years, one tends to collect a great number of negatives.

Not content to take the Covid-19 Pandemic Shutdown sitting down and being idle, I digitized my entire negative hoard last year. Some of the resulting images are surprisingly good (judging by my meager standards), and stand up well against images captured by relatively modern DSLRs of similar quality to my old “analog” gear. Many of these have been “tweaked” and can be viewed at my Adobe portfolio site.

Here’s a fun example of an image shot in the Summer of 1993.

© C. Paul Carter Photography

This was taken in east-end St. John’s, Newfoundland — perhaps off of Cochrane Street. To the best of my recollection, the building had formerly been a funeral home, but during the mid-’90s it was briefly a restaurant. – cPaul

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