Yale psychiatrist Bandy Lee: Trump’s “deadly” briefings display “anti-human” psychology

“Criminality combines with mental pathology” in Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic, says Dr. Bandy X. Lee

by Igor Derysh @ Salon

US President Donald Trump | Dr. Bandy X. Lee

Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee is leading a group of mental health professionals in urging a congressional intervention into President Donald Trump’s coronavirus response.

Dr. Lee, a forensic psychiatrist at the Yale School of Medicine who also teaches at Yale Law School, has sounded the alarm over Trump’s mental health for years. Lee heads the World Mental Health Coalition, whose membership she says includes thousands of mental health professionals. The group has convened multiple panels to highlight concerns about the president’s handling of the country and the coronavirus pandemic. The organization recently issued a “prescription for survival,” calling for federal officials to take unprecedented action to block the president from leading public health policy during the crisis.

Lee, who authored the textbook “Violence,” often focuses on the connection between human psychology, culture, and societal violence in her work.

“We are facing a democide of genocidal proportions, because we have handed power to someone who is anti-human in psychology,” Lee told Salon. “The group he has isolated may not be ethnic, but it is his own cultural grouping of ‘non-voters’ or ‘critics,’ when he has withheld lifesaving equipment from states where governors have criticized him, such as New York, California, Washington or Michigan, while giving a surplus to states with sycophantic governors, such as Florida. When criminality combines with mental pathology, this kind of large-scale violence becomes possible. Eventually, it will be destructive to all.”

Lee spoke to Salon about Trump’s mental health, his daily coronavirus briefings and how the president’s response will affect the general public. Her views represent only those of the World Mental Health Coalition, of which she is president.

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