The US Environmental Protection Agency is Becoming a Cancer Risk

Industry-friendly regulators are letting chemical companies flood the country with toxins. It should be a scandal.

by Sam Pizzigati | Posted at Common Dreams today

This January, President Trump claimed credit for new figures from the American Cancer Society showing  “the sharpest one-year drop in cancer death rate ever recorded” between 2016 and 2017.

The society politely pointed out that the Trump administration had nothing to do with this encouraging decline. The new numbers, chief Gary Reedy explained, “reflect prevention, early detection, and treatment advances that occurred in prior years.”

Media outlets rushed to relate this latest Trump Twitter flap. But this story doesn’t deserve to end there. Something is shaking on the cancer front that needs our full attention.

Average Americans pay a deadly price for the excessive corporate pay packages that incentivize profit-making by any means necessary.

The Trump administration, investigative journalist Sharon Lerner detailed a few days later, “is executing an old tobacco industry scheme to dismantle the federal government’s ability to protect the public from cancer.”

The Trump White House has packed the Environmental Protection Agency’s top echelons with free-market fundamentalists who’ve set about “freeing” chemical companies from regulations designed to limit the presence of cancer-causing chemicals in our nation’s air, water, and soil.

These appointees, Lerner’s reporting documents, are working hand in glove with chemical manufacturers, which have spent $1.4 billion on lobbying over the past dozen years.

Those lobbying dollars paid off. Chemical companies now have their pals running the regulatory show—and more Americans, as a result, will find themselves fighting cancer.

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