Obscene Disparity

I just read on CNBC’s website that Alphabet, Google’s parent company, hits the $1 trillion-dollar market cap for today.

I think that few of us truly understand how obscene this amount of money is. Here are some interesting facts:

  • Spending $1 million an hour, non-stop for 24 hours a day, it would take 411 years to spend $1 trillion.
  • For the more frugal, it would take 1 million days (or just shy of 2,738 years) to go through $1 trillion by spending $1 million dollars per day.
  • If you spent one dollar every second around the clock, it would take you 312,688 years to spend $1 trillion dollars.
  • A case of copier paper will hold about $72,000 worth of one-dollar bills. It would take 1.4 billion boxes to hold $1 trillion dollars.
  • A tightly-stacked bundle of new $100 bills totaling $1 million would be about 4 feet high; a billion dollars would reach 4,000 ft. That means a stack of $100 bills totaling $1 trillion would reach 789 miles high.



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