Missing Person: Jaime M. Wyatt

Our dear family friend, Jaime Wyatt went missing suddenly in Halifax, NS in the Fall of 1996 and has never been found. Foul play is suspected, and the case of his disappearance remains unresolved.

Last night, I was sorting through St. John’s photos from the previous 10 years and several included Jaime Wyatt.

Jaime was Best Man at my Parent’s wedding at St. Thomas’ Anglican Church (St. John’s, Newfoundland) in 1958 and an Usher for mine in 1987 at the same church. Some people may remember him from the Candlelight Restaurant on Harvey Road, which was Wyatt family-owned. Later, following the closing of the restaurant, he was working as a cook on supply boats for the offshore. In his off time, he was active with local service communities, including the Shriners and the Masonic Temple. He also looked forward to spending time with family and riding horses. Generous and happy to a fault, I can’t imagine anyone who would wish him any harm.

If anyone recalls anything about his disappearance, please contact the Halifax Police. His friends and family would welcome some closure. I know that I certainly would.

Jaime Wyatt left his home in Newfoundland in September 1996 to find work in Nova Scotia. He was reported missing by his family on Dec. 3, 1996. (Halifax Regional Police)

See the November 16h, 2016 CTV Atlantic article here

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