How Bullying Became The American Way Of Life

Three Fatal Mistakes That Taught People Abusing and Being Abused Was Good For Them

By Umair Haque | June 23, 2018

A governor sending out virulently racist messages. A Congressman threatening ethnic bans in places of employment. And a noted intellectual suggesting that the way to end the camps is to give an authoritarian his wall.

It’s bizarre and gruesome. And yet that’s just one regular everyday morning in America now. Just one. What does it teach us, that a nation’s way of thinking, its mental processes, its way of seeing the world, has sunk this low? I think it teaches us this. I’ll be blunt, because mincing words helps no one in these times.

America is a nation now governed by bullies — because bullying has become its last organizing principle (we’ll get to that part). Sorry. Think about it. What else do you call all the above? Yet I wonder. Have you, too acquiesced, without knowing it, to this way of thinking a little bit — that capitulating to bullies is the right and correct way for a society to organize itself? Now, whenever you try to show people the flaws in their own thinking, their hackles rise. They get defensive. So I’m not condemning you or judging you. And you can be the judge if anything that I have to say is accurate.”

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