The Apparent US Idiocracy

So, while Trump threatens additional tariffs on $200B of Chinese goods for their having retaliated against his last bout of trade-deficit retaliations, and contemplates a US Space Force to ensure American dominance of the solar system –say whaaaat?– , China holds nearly $1.2T in American debt. Whoa! Wait until they really start turning the financial screws. A few spins of the planet later, the US Government won’t be able to print money fast enough to support the plummeting $US dollar and markets — and Congress will no longer be able to continue pretending that the USA isn’t bankrupt, and unable to run itself. The country appears to be circling the drain, but the current administration will see opportunities to sell the national parks to developers and to press-gang public school children onto the factory floors. Not satisfied with blowing apart his own country, he’s taking his brand of idiotocracy on the road, leaving chaos and panic in his wake. Oh, and way to abdicate the title “leader of the free world”, little orange buddy! You just keep on doublin’ down on your hunches and gut guesses, and pandering to your “base”. You’re messing up on all fronts. Someday soon, Americans are going to pull that curtain back and see ya stuffing your pockets with cash while you’re yellin’ that there’s nothing to see here, and you manipulate shit for your thievin’ buddies. You won’t be able to bluff or bullshit your way out of the reckoning that’s coming.

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