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Why July 1st Means Something Very Different for Newfoundlanders

July 1, Memorial Day While Canadians celebrate nationhood July 1, the date means something very different to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador, Robert Everett-Green writes. One hundred years ago at Beaumont-Hamel, on the first day of the Somme offensive, nearly 90 per … Continue reading

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Mary Catherine O’Flaherty – Heroic Canadian

Mary was a dear friend of a dear friend… I had several long talks with Mary O-Flaherty many years ago while she was still serving overseas in the Canadian Diplomatic Corps … The adventure she accounted of her role during … Continue reading

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How Bullying Became The American Way Of Life

Three Fatal Mistakes That Taught People Abusing and Being Abused Was Good For Them By Umair Haque | June 23, 2018 “A governor sending out virulently racist messages. A Congressman threatening ethnic bans in places of employment. And a noted intellectual … Continue reading

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The Apparent US Idiocracy

So, while Trump threatens additional tariffs on $200B of Chinese goods for their having retaliated against his last bout of trade-deficit retaliations, and contemplates a US Space Force to ensure American dominance of the solar system –say whaaaat?– , China … Continue reading

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I’m so incredibly grateful to have been born into a generation of great opportunity and prosperity, at a time when there have been no active hot wars over my head or unending civil strife that threatens my ability to live … Continue reading

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