The infamous lists of “Things I’ll do if I ever become an Evil Overlord”.

This has been around since I first started surfing the ‘Net in the early 90’s.  In fact, I recall seeing this on a BBS before that time.  Still excellent!!

The original Evil Overlord List was compiled in 1990 by several members of the FidoNet Science Fiction and Fandom email echo. The FidoNet list originated with a 1988 Saturday Night Live skit featuring Bond Villains touting a book “What Not To Do When You Capture James Bond”. The FidoNet list arose out of discussions regarding what sort of advice might be in that book, and was compiled and published by Jack Butler. The original version of the list can be found here while the list Peter Anspach later compiled can be found here.

Evil Overlord List via TVTropes


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