Adult Piñatas Pre-Filled With Tiny Bottles of Booze

The Nipyata is an adult-themed version of the classic piñata that comes pre-filled with tiny plastic bottles of various spirits, lots of sugary candy and optional messages. Created inMonmouth, New Jersey with the help of the Thirsty Quaker beer and home brewing store, the company has expanded to include customized versions outside their original design. A spicy version, which includes Fireball Whisky, schnapps and tequila, is currently available for purchase at the Laughing Squid store.

Piñatas aren’t just for kids anymore. This colorful one is filled with nips of all your favorite liquors from Fireball to Schnapps and of course, tequila. They didn’t forget the candy, and the whole crew is there: Skittles, Starburst, Lollipops, and more. Take your guests back to their childhood party days, but reward them with delicious booze. Sounds like a party.


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