Happy Easter!

This Easter weekend, I am reminded of the indelible evidence of God’s love for all of us — His fragile creatures — and the promise, and joy-in-fact of Grace, renewal, and redemption.

This is evident to me in what may seem like a myriad of disconnected things: An outpouring of remembrance for the rich, meaningful lives of friends who have recently passed; The boundless hope for treats in the heart and mind of an energetic small dog; The anticipated reception tomorrow evening of friends and dock-neighbours, celebrating a new season on the water; Friends and colleagues far and wide, who are playing their musical butts off somewhere tonight; The beginning of warmer Montreal weather, which brings a suggestion of green, growing things to come; And the upcoming dinner gatherings of loving friends and family, both old and nearly-new.

However you all celebrate this weekend, I hope you get to experience the “a-hah” moments that connect-the-dots, and highlight the hope and joy of the season.

Happy Easter, and joyous Passover!

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