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Club and Shield Bedside Table

James McAdam’s bedside table for the paranoid converts into a club and shield in a matter of seconds! Link Posted on Thursday, September 14, 2006

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Condiment Packet Museum

The Internet has got everything, including an online condiment packet museum with over 900 ketchup, mustard, relish, and other condiment packets in their collection! Link

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Japan Wins 2006 International Air Guitar Title

Competitors from Australia, Austria, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Finland, United States, Germany, France, Japan, Italy, and Great Britain met last week at the 11th International Air Guitar Championships in Oulu, Finland. Five finalists faced off on September 8, 2006, against … Continue reading

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The Dream and the Curse

In Greil Marcus’s new book, America goes on trial, and its artists are the judges. By Devin McKinney | American Prospect 9-11 is an absence in Greil Marcus’s The Shape of Things to Come: Prophecy and the American Voice — … Continue reading

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Top 25 stories Ignored By Media In Past Year

Each year, Project Censored compiles an annual list of 25 socially significant news stories of social significance said to have been missed, underreported or self-censored by mainstream press in the US. Here are some of this year’s picks: #1 Future … Continue reading

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The Advertising Art of Dr. Seuss

  The doctor named Seuss is well known for books But here are some other pics worthy of looks: Some ad art for sugar, some ad art for clocks, Some ad art for shaving cream inside a box, Some ad … Continue reading

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2006 NYC Fretless Guitar Festival

This year’s fretless festival takes place September 29 (evening) and September 30 (all day) at New York City’s Knitting Factory and includes guitarists Dave “Fuze” Fiuczynski, Ned Evett, Scott McGill, Jon Catler, Ed DeGenaro, Neil Haverstick, Ratko Zjaca, Michael “Atonal” … Continue reading

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Bizarre 60s Mosrite/Von Dutch guitars

This kind of thing doesn’t come along too often: These three guitars were made for the 60s psychedelic one-hit-wonders Strawberry Alarm Clock by Semie Moseley of Mosrite (much more about him here). As if that wasn’t cool enough, Semie sent … Continue reading

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Why teenagers are “more selfish than adults”

A new scientific study suggests that teenagers use a different part of their brains than adults to make decisions, resulting in a kind of selfishness. University College London neuroscientist Sarah-Jayne Blakemore asked people of various ages decision-making questions and questions … Continue reading

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Artificial Cartoon-Character Skeletons

This Korean art exhibition explores the fictional anatomy of cartoon characters, with elaborate faked-up skeletons for Looney Toons characters, anatomical drawings of Mickey and friends, and many other artifacts from the study of toon anatomy. Link Posted on Saturday, September … Continue reading

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Anatomical anomalies of the famous monsters of filmland

Michael C. LaBarbera, a professor in Organismal Biology & Anatomy at the University of Chicago, published this wonderful paper about the reality of movie-monster anatomy in 2003. In the paper, LaBarbera explores the implications of extremely large and extremely small … Continue reading

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