Lumma’s Lummox: The BMW M6 CLR 600

Lumma’s Lummox: The BMW M6 CLR 600

BMW tuner Lumma has a new, carbon-look kit for the new, carbon-fiber-roofed BMW M6. The package turns the pregnant fish — a visually stunning pregnant fish from some angles — into the dark Lord of the autobahn. Aside from all the skirting — front spoiler bumper with park distance control and headlight washing system, mudguard extensions in the front and back, doorsills with compressed-air brake shafts and rear aprons with air diffuser — the kit includes suspension-lowering and computer remapping that bugs out the limiter, increasing top speed to 186 mph.

Throat-breathing apparatus sold separately.

Yet Another Eurotuner – Lumma BMW M6 CLR 600 [Modern Racer]

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clock Posted Mon Jun 12th, 2006

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