I first picked up a guitar in 1974, and I continue to try to learn how to play to this day, however I somehow performed solo, and as a member of several Montreal-based bands from the mid-70's to mid- 80's. While music had been an inexorable part of me, I did not play much after University, as work-life got int the way. Happily, upon returning to Montreal in 1999, I was drawn right back into the music scene.

After many creatively-rewarding years of re-exploring fingerstyle guitar, I'm excited to be regularly playing electric again! Although, long gone are the days of bashing out 4 barre-chord rock through 240 watt amps (and 4 x 12 stacks) with the volume up on 11 --, 2006 marked a serious attempt to return to playing electric guitars -- nearly 20 years after my last band project , Island City.

From 2004-2009, I had the pleasure of serving as Music Director at St. Stephen's Anglican Church, Westmount.

Given reasonable notice, I can be available to play in Montreal, either solo, or with sometimes musical partners.

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I have built up an interesting collection of guitars over the years. My current go-to is a Bourgeois Petite Jumbo DBJ-C. I also use a pair of Taylor guitars (a 355 12-string, and a 710 dreadnaught). My usual setup has me playing through a Boss AD-8 DI box direct to a PA. My current favorite practice guitar is a Simon & Patrick Collection Rosewood CW. I still play my "bought new" '77 Guild D-35 periodically, which seems to sound better the longer I own it. In 2002, I was surprised to find a near mint-condition vintage Daion Model 80, replacing my long lost (and always lamented) Daion Heritage '78 that had much milage put on it from 1980-82. My current electric guitar set-up includes a Godin XTSA connected to Boss GT-6 effects unit, and a Roland GR-33 guitar synth.

Past guitars in my life have included a well-loved 1976 Aria 6814 12-string, a beautifully deep toned and brassy Daion Heritage '78 guitar (I really miss this one!), and late '70s versions of Guild M-60 and SD-300 electrics.

Thanks so much for checking in! Please continue to watch this space for news about Woodwork, my seemingly never-ending recording project! I've been writing some new material that I'm really incredibly excited about, and look forward to releasing a collection of both new and old work sometime in the near future.

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